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Wake Dynamite

We make it possible to do reactive video updates for television, display and online advertising. Seize the moment, adapt you message!

How it works

We create dynamic video templates based on your materials and arrange everything ready for the campaing to start. During the campaign you can modify your video content via web based UI or thru our API.

We also offer certified personel needed for updating broadcasted content during your campaign.

Use cases

  • Updating prices and products based on the demand
  • Fine tuning the message for the target audience
  • Creative ideas, like reacting on current events
  • Personalization of online video content
  • Update advertise from external feed

Publishing channels

  • Finnish television channels: MTV3, SUB, AVA, Nelonen, Liv, Jim and Hero
  • Video on demand – for example Ruutu, mtv.fi or any other VAST compatible platform
  • Outdoor displays
  • Online advertising
  • Social media – Any platform that allows importing of external video material


  • Arla “yhden tilan maito”, advertisments with updated messages from the farm
  • MTV SUB and AVA channel hosts workflow allowed hosts to generate their own graphics for each video
  • MTV uutiset live, multichannel promotion for the MTV web based news channel
  • Continental tires – Online ads, where content was changed by the local weather
  • Ask for more examples and possibilities

About Us

Wake Dynamite Ltd is an advertising technology startup from Helsinki Finland. We are group of enthusiastic and experienced TV and web professionals on a mission to streamline advertising workflows and bring relevancy to video advertising. WakeDynamite won first prize in the Think Ink innovation competition organized by the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland.

We also do consulting in the areas of realtime & offine graphics rendering and automated content generation workflows.


Wake Dynamite Oy
Ilmalankatu 2c, 00240